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Welcome to the Team NewEra Blog!

Welcome to the NewEra Running Blog!! Before we begin... please note that this is our very first blog, ever. So please don't be too harsh on us ;)

We're setting this up to share our experiences in our running journey with all of you. NewEra Running is a coaching team setup in December 2018 by head coach Callum Charleston. Our focus is to share the physical, mental and social benefits that running can bring with as many people as we can, as well as bringing decades of combined experience both as athletes and coaches to help others achieve their goals.

Meet the Coach

Coach Callum has been a competitive runner for over half of his life now, falling in love with the sport at the age of 11 after originally starting out in cross country club at school. His passion for the sport instantly started to grow and it was only a matter of weeks before he discovered his dream was to run for his country. Although it is still to be seen whether this dream will come true, Callum has enjoyed over a decade of gradual progression in his running, representing his school, club and county in both cross country and track races, and racing at a national level in both.

Callum spent 7 years of his running life being coached by two internationally competitive distance runners (one competing in the commonwealth games) and a level 4 qualified athletics coach. More recently, he has been based at St. Mary's University, Twickenham (home to a certain Sir Mo Farah) under the expert guidance of coach Mick Woods, who is helping guide Callum as he transitions from the junior age group to the senior age group. Throughout his running life, Callum has trained with some of the best runners in the country, a number of whom have gone on to compete for Great Britain at both junior and senior levels. In recent weeks, coach has obtained a Bsc Honours degree in Sports Science, allowing him to provide a scientific dimension to his coaching.


  • 800m - 1m54s.

  • 1500m - 3m51s.

  • 3k - 8m23s.

  • 5k - 14m46s.

  • 5 mile - 25m15s.

  • 10k - 32m54s.

What is Team NewEra here for?

To share. We want to share the experiences and expertise gained first hand in this sport to help other people achieve their own personal goals and make the most of their training. We want to help provide the right training plan for you, so you can discover your own potential. We want to help you beat your personal bests over any distance through supplying the plan, nutritional advice, strength training advice, core training, and rehab / prehab exercises. We're here for your needs, no matter what your goals are.

What do we provide?

  1. Monthly training plan - know what you're doing on a daily basis. This includes interval training, tempo runs, hill sessions, long runs and easy runs.

  2. Nutritional advice - learn how to improve your diet to maximise health and performance.

  3. Strength training advice - receive a strength & conditioning plan to supplement your training. This can include body weight exercises, stretches and core stability exercises to make you a stronger and more efficient runner.

Coming soon...

Every month we'll post a new blog from a different Team NewEra member. This could be on anything running-related; training, racing, new nutritional products, new trainers... who knows? The first of these will drop next week so keep your eyes peeled! Happy running :)

Discover your potential.

Coach Callum xo

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