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Meet the coaches

Callum Charleston -

Head coach & Founder

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With over 11 years of experience in this sport, and learning from some of the worlds' best running coaches, Callum combines passion, science, common sense, and experience to his coaching. Beginning his running career in secondary school, Callum has competed at club, county, university, and national level in cross country, road and track races all over the country, all the time under the careful guidance of two level 4 UKA coaches who have experience in coaching elite athletes to world championship medals. 

During his running career, Callum has been a part of training groups which have included some of Britain's top male and female distance runners who have gone on to win medals for Great Britain in major championship events.  This close contact with the nations' best has exposed Callum to the very best training techniques, developing his knowledge in important aspects like strength & conditioning, physiological and psychological development, nutrition and injury prevention techniques, as well as showing Callum what helps you run fast, and what doesn't. 

Having recently graduated from St. Mary's University, Twickenham (former home to Sir Mo Farah) with a BSc Honours Degree in Sports Science, and taking his UKA qualification, Callum looks to include his understanding of the human body and its combination with sport into his role as a coach. As a runner, his dream is to compete for his country, but as a coach Callum hopes to help as many other runners as possible reach new levels.  He wants to bring people into a 'New Era' of their training, applying the specific training techniques that each individual member needs, but also inspiring, guiding and supporting them through their journey to faster, happier running.

Personal Bests

800m - 1m54s

1500m - 3m51s

3000m - 8m23s

5k - 14m46s


5 miles - 24m43s

10k - 30m35s

Richard Charleston- Coach

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With 47 years of experience in the sport of distance running, competing at the highest level as well as having a level 2 UKA coaching qualification, Richard is perhaps the most valuable member of the NewEra staff. Representing Scotland at the 1986 commonwealth games in the 3000m steeplechase is Richard's proudest athletic achievement, but just as impressive is his 1:03 half marathon PB and sub-50 minute 10 mile PB.


Since retiring from competitive running, Richard has turned his attention to coaching where he has helped develop some young runners into the countries' best distance athletes.  More recently, Richard has joined the NewEra team to help build each individual training plan, as well as oversee the advice and support given to each member.  His qualifications, personal experience and knowledge surrounding the sport are the single handed, most important aspects of our performances as a coaching team, and we wouldn't be able to do what we do without it.

You'd struggle to find a coach who is as passionate, reliable and cool under pressure as Richard and you can be sure that you'd be receiving everything you need to progress as a runner with him on your side.

Personal Bests

800m - 1m51s

1500m - 3m47s

3000m - 7m59s

3k steeplechase - 8m33s

5k - 14m02s

10k - 28:40

10 mile - 48:00

Half Marathon - 1hr3m43s

Marathon - 2hr48m

Our vision

Our vision for Team NewEra is so much more than coaching. Our primary goals are to help people run faster, to reach their goals in an injury-free and enjoyable fashion.  But we also want to create a community; a community of runners who improve themselves every single day by doing what makes them happy, a community which is continually learning from each other, supporting each other and ultimately achieving with each other. Our vision is so much more than just a training plan, its to supply the guidance, support, patience, opinion, experience, structure and knowledge to those of you who don't have a coach, who are unsure of what they should be doing, and who would benefit from being surrounded by a team who cares for them as a person and a runner.

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