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About Us

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Established in 2018, NewEra Running has the ultimate aim to spread knowledge and passion for running to help runners improve at all levels.  Founded by fellow distance runner and head coach Callum Charleston, the vision behind the team is that of maximising health, enjoyment and performance of each team member, so that they can reach their goals in the right way. We want to share our knowledge, combine decades of experience, education and qualifications associated with running in order to help guide you with the exact training that you need, as well as learn more about the sport along the way.


We recognise the many benefits running has to offer from both health and performance perspectives, and here at NewEra Running we aim to deliver these benefits to each team member through individually tailored coaching and support, which is adapted to fit around your personal lifestyle and commitments.


We have the expertise, experience and knowledge as both runners and coaches to ensure each member receives progressive and specific coaching to help them achieve their goals. Each training plan is completely individual and specific to that particular member. NewEra Running delivers expertise from the highest level in this sport, having a commonwealth games representative and 1:03 Half Marathoner in the coaching team.

With knowledge in other important areas such as strength and conditioning, rehab/prehab, nutrition and sports psychology, NewEra Running leaves no stone unturned when looking to deliver the best possible training programme and general advice to each athlete in search of their own personal goals.

What do we want to achieve in this journey? We want to build a team.  It isn't just coaching to us, its building a community, one where we can share experiences, learn from each other, help and encourage each other, but ultimately grow with each other. Together we're all stronger! 

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