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Jon's Journey

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Hello, I’m Jon. Long time runner, first time blogger.....

I thought I would just give a little insight into my own personal running journey. I’ve always enjoyed running and probably been running regularly since I was about 14. But I was heavily into football right up until I was 30, so the main purpose of my running was just to improve my fitness for matches etc. Once I hung up my boots, my love affair with running blossomed!

I wasn’t particularly too bothered with times and all that at the start. I had run the odd 10k, half marathons and even a marathon, but was just happy to plod around and enjoy myself (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!). Then I started to take part in Parkruns quite regularly and that’s when the obsession really got going. (I would like to go on record to say Parkrun is by far the greatest free sporting activity in the UK!)

Once I did a couple of Parkruns, I was getting quicker and then I really became focused on seeing how much I could knock off my time. The competitiveness from my old football days came creeping back, but this time I was only competing with myself. That’s what I love about running, of course you are running with other people in races and stuff but the only person you are really racing is yourself and your own times. And if you are focused on a higher position etc then that will naturally happen when you start hitting PBs.

After a few years of running regularly, the PBs dried up. I didn’t really follow any set training plans or do much interval training etc. I would just run a few times a week. I was a bit naive and believed by just regular running I would just get quicker and quicker! I hadn’t considered that this approach would only work up to a point.

After some online ‘research’ I decided to up my weekly mileage. I made a rookie error of upping the mileage way too quickly and my body didn’t react well! At the start of January this year I had some serious hip issues and could barely run. That’s when I decided it was time to look into a running Coach. Firstly, to run sensibly while I was in the healing process and then secondly push on once fully recovered and follow an actual training plan that was tailored made!

So I joined up with Team NewEra towards middle/end of January and it was the best thing I could have done. They started me off gently, slowly building up the mileage whilst making sure I remained pain free. They also threw in some strength and conditioning stuff to do along side my rehab exercises from my physio.

Finally, I was ready and raring to go and then came the hill and interval sessions. It made such a difference following a plan rather than just going out running and making it up as I went along.

Fast forward 10 months, I have smashed my 5k, 10k, 10 mile and half marathon PBs all in a pretty short time. Running under 19 minutes and 40 minutes for 5k and 10k respectively was something I never thought possible, especially now being 37 years old!

Hopefully more PBs on the way and maybe a marathon in 2020......

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