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NewEra Running Coaching

Worldwide Coaching Team for runners of all abilities

Head Coach - Callum Charleston, BSc Honours Sports Science,

UKA Qualified Coach


Image by Jeremy Lapak

David Warren, Olympic Finalist

I've been following Callum and NewEra Running for a few months. I am truly impressed with the varied topics Callum introduces his athletes to; strength & conditioning, nutrition, recovery and shoe selection. Its his depth of knowledge in relation to his coaching that will benefit those who sign up for Team NewEra.

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I'm not able to run with a club due to work & family commitments but I love that NewEra allows me to still be part of a team with support from other members & the coaches.  My life is hectic but NewEra allows me to tailor my training be part of my life rather than being limited to set days & times.

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I joined NewEra in March 2020 as I really need focus & support to keep me on track with running.  With the country going into lockdown and not being able to run with my buddies, I was even more grateful that I had a plan that's easy to follow & laid out for the month, as well as having support from the whole team & coaches.   I'd recommend NewEra to anyone who wants to stay on track to achieving their goals.

Our Vision

Our vision for Team NewEra is so much more than coaching. Our primary goals are to help people run faster, to reach their goals in an injury-free and enjoyable fashion.  But we also want to create a community; a community of runners who improve themselves every single day by doing what makes them happy, a community which is continually learning from each other, supporting each other and ultimately achieving with each other. Our vision is so much more than just a training plan, its to supply the guidance, support, patience, opinion, experience, structure and knowledge to those of you who don't have a coach, who are unsure of what they should be doing, and who would benefit from being surrounded by a team who cares for them as people and runners.

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